The Forgotten

As human beings we can forget things or even people from time to time. Sometimes we can’t recall someone’s name or maybe we don’t remember meeting them at all. We have totally forgotten them. I went to a nursing home today as a guest of the ministry that is being done there. I watched as the room filled up with people in wheelchairs with various levels of disabilities. They all smiled and greeted us and knew they were there to hear the Word of God. They were happy and excited to be there. As I looked around this room I began to wonder how many of them have been forgotten by family or friends or how many no longer have any living relatives to visit them. My heart began to break for them thinking this is where life has brought them. I began to wonder what their lives were like when they were younger. What were their dreams, accomplishments or goals in their life? What all had they seen or been through in their lives?
I watched quietly as the old hymns started to play and they began to sing and clap their hands. A couple of them raised their hands in worship and some cried from being touched by the Holy Spirit. I realized in that moment that they may have been forgotten by the world, but they knew Jesus had not forgotten them and they were worshipping him. They knew he loved them and some of them told us how God had blessed them throughout their lives. They listened to every word of the message that was given to them as they were hungry for the Word of God. They were so thankful and appreciative for everything that was done for them.
I left there feeling very humbled. I thought about all the times I didn’t give my praise and worship 100% because I was tired or had other things going on in my mind. Some of these people were physically incapable of lifting their hands toward heaven but they did it to the best of their ability. They weren’t complaining or grumbling about their ailments or problems they were just rejoicing in his presence. I wondered to myself if I were in their shoes would I be strong enough in my faith to still worship and praise God the way they did today.
Isaiah 46:4 Even to your old age, I am He, And even to gray hairs I will carry you! This verse came to mind as I began to write this morning. I realized that God didn’t just start carrying them when they were old, but he has carried them from when they were young until their hair turned gray. They know Him, and they have a deep-rooted relationship with Him. Throughout their lives I am sure God has seen them through good and bad-times but her never forgot them. To this day they know the one to whom they belong, and they still serve him to this day. You see, we went there today to be a blessing to them and instead they were a blessing and inspiration to us.
Thank you for reading this and I hope you have a great day in Jesus Christ!!
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  1. What a humbling reminder! I know I don’t give God as much praise as He deserves, and it’s times like the one you described that I’m reminded of that. My prayer is that I’ll always have an attitude of praise and thanksgiving!

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