What if Jesus Judged Us The Way We Judge Others?

Why are we so quick to judge others? Matthew 7: 1-2 says Judge not, that you be not judged. For with what judgment you judge, you will be judged. This made me think what if Jesus judged us the way we judged others.

This was a pretty scary thought since we don’t tend to cut people any slack. If someone we know makes a mistake, we want to tell everyone who knows that person what they did. We want to prove to everyone that they are not a good person or they are not the Christian they say they are. What if Jesus went around telling everyone our sins? In Romans it says None are righteous, no not one. So why do we act like we are so perfect? We all sin and fall short of the glory of God according to the bible. The bible also says we should love others as we love ourselves but we are not telling everyone our mistakes. Let’s be honest we tell things on others to give ourselves a “Greater Than Thou Complex.” We think we are better than that person because we haven’t done the things they have. We think our sin is not as bad as their sin. This is not biblical. In Romans 12 it says Not to think of yourself more highly than you should.

Do we even stop to think of the damage we can do to someone? We don’t think about the pain that we cause when we do this. We don’t know the struggles that someone else is going through. No, they are not perfect but neither are we. You can damage someone emotionally and mentally with the tongue but even worse you can destroy someone spiritually with the tongue. The bible says there is Life and Death in the tongue and so often we use it for death. We destroy people with our tongues and for what? Do you think Jesus is going to tell us good Job when we stand before him? Nowhere in his word does he tell us to do this. The bible tells us over and over to love others as ourselves. The bible says to abide in Faith, Love and Hope but the greatest of these is Love. Where is the love for our fellowman? It doesn’t matter that you go to church on Sunday, if you go to work on Monday and destroy someone with your tongue. Maybe you are the reason that person doesn’t even go to church. How are you going to answer to Jesus for that?

Let’s stop hurting each other today and start showing others compassion and love. Let’s start building each other up, helping others grow and leading people to Jesus. That is our true purpose on this earth. So, let’s pray today and ask Jesus to forgive us for using our tongues to hurt others. Let’s ask him to help us bridle our tongues and only use it for his glory.

Hope you all have a great day in Jesus Christ!!


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