Transformers for Jesus

I was walking down the toy aisle yesterday, getting Christmas ideas for my grandchildren when I was drawn to the Transformers. This toy appears to be a normal and average car but in an instant, it changes into this huge unstoppable machine. It was transformed. I began to think that as Christians we have been transformed. You see we may appear as average and normal people but when we give God total control of our lives, we become huge and unstoppable machines for Christ. We are transformed.

There is nothing that can stop us if Jesus is leading the way. In John it says, God is greater than all and that no one can pluck us out of his hands. Yet, we let fear and doubt hold us back from our potential in God. We all have a purpose but so many will never fulfill that purpose because of doubt and fear. We worry that we might fail or about what others will think about us. When all we should do is keep our eyes on Jesus and just move forward in him. He will take us places that we have never imagined. He will make the impossible possible. What if when Satan attacks us that instead of being scared or fearful, we saw our spiritual selves as a massive giant machine that can and will conquer all evil. We may get knocked down but we know how the story ends. We know that Satan is no match for our God. God wins in the end. If we stand firm in our faith and we let the holy spirit guide us through our journey of life and we remain obedient to God and his word, God will protect us and fight for us.

I hear a lot of people quote Phillippians 4:13 I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me but few truly apply this scripture to their life. I don’t think we even comprehend the magnitude of this scripture because if we did we would be an unstoppable force.

We need God to win our battles with the devil. We need our God to stand up for us and put that hedge of protection around us. To be these massive unstoppable machines called Transformers, we need God in our hearts and our lives. Otherwise, we are all average and normal human beings. All the power and transformation I am speaking of only comes with the blood of Jesus Christ. The blood that he shed willingly for you and I, that we might be transformed.

You see, God doesn’t need us to conquer Satan and the evil of the world. God doesn’t really need us for anything but he WANTS us. We are not a need for God but we are a Want. He wants us so badly that he sent his only son to die for us. He wants us so badly that he gives us chance after chance to get it right on this earth so we can be with him in heaven.

Let’s get it right today in Jesus name. Let’s start living as the Spiritual and Godly Transformers that we are through Jesus Christ. Let’s fight the fight that we have been given and let’s honor our God with our actions today. Let’s honor him by being transformed into that massive unstoppable God loving and serving machine. Today, let’s be transformed in Jesus Christ our King.

Thank you for reading this and I hope you all find yourself in church somewhere this morning praising and worshipping our God.

Hope you have a great day in Jesus Christ!!




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