Are We Spiritually Attractive?

I was sitting at my kitchen table thinking how I need to make healthier choices, lose a few pounds and get more exercise.  Now that I am heading into my late forties I need to take my health seriously and get in the best shape possible. I have a lot more wrinkles when I look in the mirror and things are definitely not in the same place or shape they were 20 years ago.   As I sat there obsessing over my physical appearance, I began to think about my spiritual appearance.  Do I put as much thought into how I look spiritually as I do physically?  This made me think what makes us spiritually attractive to God.  

I began to think, what do we look at to decide if someone is physically attractive.  We look at their eyes, their smile, their height and size.   Now I know it varies with each person as to what we personally find physically attractive but generally we look at these things.  I began to think what if we looked at these things in a spiritual sense and what would be considered spiritually attractive.

Eyes ā€“ I believe the eyes would look at everyone with love and see the best in others.  The eyes would look at every living person and see a soul that needed Jesus.  The eyes would show compassion when they saw someone hurting or struggling.  The eyes would see pain in others and would have empathy for them.  The eyes would not overlook someone just because they have less than everyone else but would see them as equals. The eyes would stay focused on God and not be detoured by the things of the world.


Mouth ā€“ I believe the mouth would speak only in love to others.  Gossip, lies and destruction would not be on the lips of a spiritually attractive mouth.  The mouth would encourage others and pray over those in need.  The mouth would speak the word of God and would hold its tongue in anger.  The mouth would not speak to hurt or injure someone with its words.  The mouth would build others up and not tear them down.


Height and Size ā€“ We would stand tall and know that God is with us.  We would be bold, brave and courageous in our faith. We would find strength in our God and know that we are warriors in Christ.  We would not be afraid because God is with us and for us.  We would be prepared for the battles and struggles that will come our way and know God is going to bring us through it.  We would not only fight our battles but we would be willing to stand and fight spiritually for our brothers and sisters in Christ. While we may be battered and bruised, we know we will not be defeated. 


I do feel that we all should take care of our physical bodies and this temple that God gave each of us.  I believe we should make smart and healthy choices, but what if we worried about our spiritual body as much as we do the physical?  What if we started making healthy choices in our spiritual bodies?  What if we fed our spiritual body the word of God instead of the junk food of the world?  What if we exercised our spiritual bodies during praise and worship? What if we kept our minds in constant prayer and meditation with God?  What if our mouths spread the gospel to everyone we know?


I believe if we as Christians did these things, we would not only see our lives change but the lives of others would change.  I believe we would see real revival in our personal lives that would flow over into our churches.  I believe you would see a move of God like we have never seen.  I believe we would see people getting saved in such numbers and that our churches would not be able to hold the people. 


Thank you for reading this and hope you all have a great day in Jesus Christ!


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