The Church

We all understand that when the bible says the church makes up the body of Christ that it is not referring to the building but to the people. I do not believe God cares how fancy or spectacular the building itself is but rather how spectacular are the people. Do we really look at the Church as the body of Christ or just somewhere we go out of tradition?

When did we stop praying for people, who are struggling, and start gossiping about them. When did it become okay to only attend church when we have a physical or emotional need and the minute that need is met, we no longer attend. In the United States we are blessed that we are able to attend church and yet we take it for granite. If we truly looked at our churches as the body of Christ, we would not have all the gossiping, backstabbing, and jealously that you see in a lot of churches today. We stay so focused on me, myself and I that we don’t even see the needs of others in our churches or our communities. The bible says we are to love others as we love ourselves so where’s the love?

The bible says God is the head and we make up the body. As I began to think about the human body, I began to think about the backbone of the body. You see, the backbone runs from the head down to pelvis. The backbone encloses the spinal cord that carries all the nerves that tell the rest of the body what and when to do. I believe the spiritual backbone is made up of your church leadership such as Pastors, Deacons, etc. The backbone holds the body upright just as your church leadership does. Our job as members is to protect the backbone and provide movement. The entire body has to work together with the head to get the job done and I believe the same goes for the church. The head nor the backbone see one hand or one foot greater than the other but send the same signal to both to move. Sometimes one hand or one foot becomes stronger than the other due to exercise or being more active but both are important. As members we need to be active and ready to move. We need to be willing to do what it takes to get the job done and not worry about what everyone else is doing.

I believe if we saw our churches as the true body of Christ, you wouldn’t be able to fit everyone inside the building. I believe you would feel the love and compassion in the air. I believe you would feel his presence the minute you walked in. I believe you would see praise and worship taken to a whole new level. I believe we would be open to the word of God that was being preached and the offended spirit would not be in attendance. I believe you would see the churches involvement not only in their communities but all over the world. I believe a church like that would be unstoppable.

We can all have this church and it starts with each of us. Be a true part of your church, pray for your church and its Leadership on a daily basis. Pray for other members of your church instead of talking about them. Show love and compassion to everyone as you would want them to show you. Church should be the place we go and feel the safest and know that no one is going to harm us there. Church should be our refuge not a battlefield.

Thank you for reading this and I hope you have a great day in Jesus Christ.

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