Where’s Our Passion?

If you are good at something or you enjoy something it is usually driven by your passion for that thing. Some people are passionate about their sports team, music, or their hobbies. You spend time and money perfecting this hobby or you study everything you can find on your sports team or musician. Now there is nothing wrong with having hobbies or enjoying sports or music but where is your passion for God, for our church and for lost souls? To truly understand the definition of the word passion, I looked it up in the Webster’s dictionary and it means “Strong and barely controllable emotion.” That definition got me to thinking about how great would it be if we had passion for God, our church, and lost souls.

If we had a passion for God we would spend time studying his Word because we would want to know everything there is to know about him. We would talk to our friends and family about God and how he is working or moving in our lives. We would want to hear what God is doing in other people’s lives and we would be excited about this. We would spend time in prayer just to be in God’s presence and have time with him. We would be looking for areas in our life to serve God and fulfill his purpose. We would have a hunger for God that could not be satisfied. We would have such a spiritual connection with God that when we prayed things happened and others would feel the power of God during our prayers. The presence of the Holy Spirit would be so strong that we would not be able to contain it. We would be fearless and unstoppable Christians.

If we had passion for our church we would spend time there. Our Pastors would not have to wonder who is going to show up on Sundays and Wednesdays. Their concern would be how to fit everyone in the sanctuary on Sundays and Wednesdays. If we have passion for our church we are going to give our time and money to things needed at church. We would take pride in our church and be willing to clean the church, cut the grass, and pick up trash in the parking lot when needed. We would be involved in Outreaches in our Community or in Missions that were sponsored by our church to show support. We would work with our Pastor and not against him. We would spend time fasting and praying for our church and our church family. We would invite people to church because we want them to experience how wonderful our church is. We would welcome visitors and get excited when new members join our church. The Holy Spirit would be present and so strong at every service that we wouldn’t be watching the clock or get upset when services ran over. We would leave wanting more and anticipating how great the next service will be.

If we had a passion for the lost we would witness to people. We would be so concerned that they might die and go to hell, that we would have to tell strangers about Jesus Christ and what he has done for us. We would fill the alters of the church on Sundays travailing for lost souls. We would spend time fasting and praying throughout the week for the lost. We would pray for opportunities to witness to people. We would not let fear hold us back from telling them about Jesus. We would show love and compassion for the lost. We would mourn for the lost and rejoice every time a soul was saved. We would let our light shine so they could see how great God is and the changes that God has made in our life. We would not confuse them by living the same way they do.

If we would get a passion for just these 3 things, can you imagine the difference we would make for the kingdom of God? Let’s pray today for this passion and that God rekindles the fire in us for him, our church and for lost souls.

Thanks for reading this and I hope you have a great day in Jesus Christ!!

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