Spiritually Fit


If you ever watch athletes while they are competing they stay focused on their goal or finish line. They put a lot of time and preparation into their game or race. I have a nephew who in high school ran track and today, some 30 years later, he still runs and participates in local marathons. He doesn’t just wake up on race day, get dressed and run the race. No, he starts to prepare weeks or months in advance. He prepares himself physically as well as mentally for the upcoming race. He watches his diet and makes sure he is eating healthy and maintains a healthy weight. He works out to condition his body for the endurance that will be needed and lastly, he runs every day leading up to that race. This gets him mentally as well as physically prepared for what lies ahead on race day.

As Christians, we need to focus on God and our finish line the way athletes do. We can’t just get saved, sit back, and wait on Jesus to come for us. We all have a race to run for Jesus and we need to be prepared physically, mentally, and spiritually to win it. Your race may different from mine but all of our races are important and Jesus wants us to win our race. God gives us everything we need to win our race, we just have to use it.

I do believe we need to take care of ourselves physically. Your body is a temple for the holy spirit and it does not belong to you. I think we all need to make healthy choices and take care of our bodies, so we can make it to the end of our race. So often our race is cut short due to life choices we make.  We don’t know what lies ahead in our race so we need to be physically able to do what God calls us to do.

I think we need to take care of ourselves mentally. We need to stay positive and get rid of negativity. We need to realize who we are in Jesus Christ and get rid of doubt and insecurities that are holding us back. Satan loves to play with our minds to get our focus off of God. If he can make us feel sorry for ourselves or start bringing insecurities into our life he will to win his race. Don’t let Satan have your mind, keep your thoughts on Jesus and continue to move forward in him. I know difficult times come and we all face things that we do not understand but we cannot let Satan get to us. During these times you need to cling to Jesus and keep your mind and thoughts on your purpose and your finish line.

Even more important than physical or mental fitness is spiritual fitness. If you are not spiritually fit you will run into stumbling blocks during your race that will cause you to fall and injure yourself or take you out of the race completely. To be spiritually fit you have to spend time in prayer and have just one on one time with God. Time in prayer keeps our minds clear and focused on God. During prayer God will remove all the junk that is hindering your race. We just have to be willing to give it to him.

The second way we stay spiritually fit is to stay in the Word of God. Reading his word will give you the confidence and the endurance you need to finish your race. It will prepare you for the stumbling blocks that lie ahead and keep you focused on the finish line.

The third thing I believe that keeps us spiritually fit is our church family. Being around people who have the same beliefs and values as you are huge during your struggles. Your church family will pray for you and love on you when you need it. They are there as mentors when you need them during the difficult times and there to rejoice with you during the good times.

Today, let’s get ourselves prepared and conditioned for our race today in Jesus Christ so we can all make it to the finish line and win our race.

Thanks for reading and hope you all have a great day in Jesus Christ!!


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