Our Christmas Tree

Have you ever been to a Christmas tree farm to pick out your tree? The trees are different sizes but are all shaped the same. What you don’t see is the way that tree looked when it first reached the farm. The branches may be too long in places and there are branches just about to the end of the trunk. They look a mess but the owner sees their hidden beauty. He sees what they can become.

The owner of that tree farm begins to go through the trees and sorts them by sizes and he begins to work on each one individually. He will first get rid of the low branches. These branches are usually the most damaged as they are closest to the ground so he will remove these branches to get them out of the way. Removing these branches allows the tree to fit in the tree stand and absorb water over the next few weeks. Next, he will stand this tree and begin to shape the tree into what he wants. Before you know it, the tree looks nothing like it did when he first received the tree. The tree is now ready to be bought and used by someone else.

I believe God does the same thing, as the owner of that tree farm, with each of us when he receives us. He sees our potential and his purpose for us. God starts by removing those low and damaged branches. These are the branches that tie us to the world. These branches often weigh you down and when God removes these you feel that immediate weight lift off of you. Removing these things allows you to now absorb God’s word and stand tall for him. Next, God begins to shape you into what he wants you to be. As he begins to cut away the excess branches, he is breaking the chains of bondage that Satan has on you. He is changing your heart and setting your priorities in order. You are now ready to be used BUT unlike the Christmas trees you have already been bought and paid for. You were created from the beginning with a purpose for God and purchased by Jesus Christ to be used by God.

I believe God then begins to decorate us just as we do our Christmas trees. He sends the Holy Spirit to light us up from the inside out, just as we hang lights on our tree to light it up. I believe that our talents and our callings from God represent the ornaments and bows we place on our tree. I believe each time you use your talent for God’s glory or follow your calling a bow or ornament is placed on your tree. None of us when we decorate our Christmas tree just want one or two bows or ornaments, we want our tree full. I believe God wants his trees to be full as well. He didn’t give you a talent or a calling for you to only use once or twice for him.

We all know the Christmas tree topper is what makes or breaks the Christmas tree. It has to be the focal point or the grand finale. Without the tree topper the rest of the tree is just okay because the tree topper is the WOW factor. I believe our tree topper is Jesus Christ. Jesus is our WOW factor. All of our talents and callings are to glorify him and if you take Jesus out of that then your tree is just okay.

Jesus Christ is the reason we celebrate Christmas so as you decorate your tree think about him. Is Jesus Christ your tree topper this year or have you replaced him with yourself? Are you using your talents and callings to glorify God or yourself? Let’s be sure today that Jesus Christ is our tree topper and that all we do in this life glorifies him.

Thank you for reading and I hope each of you have a great day in Jesus Christ!!

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