Spiritual Hills

I believe our walk with Jesus is like a mountainous terrain. It is filled with valleys we must go through and hills we must climb to get out of the valleys. We always talk about the valleys and the lows that we feel but I want to focus on the hills today. The hills take endurance and commitment to climb. If you have ever hiked in the mountains you know the hills can be steep and intimidating when you are standing at the bottom of it. You begin to climb because you want to see what is at the top of this hill. You are trying to get to the overlook or look out at the top of the hill. At the overlook you can look out over the valleys below and you can look up and see the top of the mountain. You can see how far you have come and how far you still must go if you intend on reaching the top of the mountain. Some people get to the overlook and that is as far as they go. They are content at that level or they do not have the endurance to continue to climb. Others rest for a moment and replenish their bodies with water and a snack to continue the journey ahead. They enjoy the view, but this is not their final destination. They want to go higher and while they know the journey is going to be tough, they know the pay off will be worth it.

In a spiritual sense I believe we go through valleys and hills throughout our walk with Jesus Christ. I believe the hills are hard and we must have endurance and commitment to get to the overlook in our spiritual life. I believe the overlook allows us to look back over what we have been through and allows us to see the mountain top. As Christians we can continue to grow in our faith, replenish or renew ourselves at the overlook to continue on the journey ahead. I don’t believe we ever reach the mountain top in this life, I believe we continue to grow in Christ as long as we live and therefore we continue to climb. At the overlook we can see the people that are ahead of us and the people that are behind us. The people ahead of us should be our encouragement to continue as we should be the encouragement for the people behind us to continue. I believe at each overlook there are people who have decided they are content where they are, and they don’t continue to climb. I believe there are people there that want to climb higher but are afraid or know they don’t have the endurance to continue. Then there are those who know this is only a pit stop for them. They are determined to get to the next overlook because they know the view at the next overlook is even greater.
These spiritual hills to each overlook are hard. You get tired and weak and you may have to stop and rest along the way. You get dry spiritually during these climbs. You are climbing by faith and not sight at times because the next overlook is not in sight, but you know it is coming. Your muscles begin to shake or cramp up and you may not feel that you have the endurance to continue but prayer becomes your endurance. The Bible says God is our refuge and our strength. A very present help in trouble. All we have to do is cry out to him. Satan and the flesh are the resistance you feel as you climb. They become like weights around your ankles trying to pull you back or keep you from moving forward, but God can remove these weights. When we feel we can’t continue we need to dig into his Word let God encourage you and cheer you on to the next overlook. I believe God rejoices every time we advance to the next level. I believe like any proud parent he says, “that’s my child, look at him or her go.” I believe when we make it to that overlook that He replenishes us by pouring the Holy Spirit out on us. I believe he refuels us with his Word. He lets us rest in him while he restores us. He prepares us for the next hill if we are willing to climb it for him.

I encourage you today to continue to climb each hill to the next overview in your walk with Jesus Christ. It is going to be tough at times and you may feel that you are not going to make it but remember he will never leave you or forsake you. He is right there with you and all you have to do is cry out to him for the endurance to continue. Let’s keep climbing and moving forward in God. The reward is going to be so great that it is worth the pain you are feeling now.

Thank you for reading and I hope you have a great day in Jesus Christ!!
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