Genuine Christians

I was reading I Timothy Chapter 1 this morning and in verse 7 and 8 of the NKJV it says, that the genuineness of your faith, being much more precious than gold that perishes, though it is tested by fire, may be found to praise, honor, and glory at the revelation of Jesus Christ, whom having not seen you love.  The word genuineness stood out to me.  I looked this word up in the dictionary and it means sincere or authentic.  As I prayed over this verse it same up in my spirit that God is looking for genuine Christians.  He is not looking for Christians who are following the latest fad of what is trendy and popular.  He is looking for sincere and authentic Christians. Christians who follow him when no one is looking.

The world around us has programmed us as a society that we must fit in with everyone else.  We judge success by how popular someone is rather than how authentic they are.  If you have a successful ministry in the eyes of man it is based on how many people attend your church, how many likes you get on Facebook, or how many people follow you on Instagram or Twitter.  We compare our ministries to other people’s ministries and then call ours a failure because it is not likes theirs, what is authentic about that?  You can’t be authentic or genuine trying to be like other Christians.  We were called to be Christ like not like other Christians.  Every Christian has a ministry, a way of spreading the gospel to others, that is uniquely yours and given to you by God himself.  We need to be willing to do that ministry to the best of our ability and not try to change it.  Give the reigns over to God and let him lead your ministry and follow him.

You may say you don’t have a ministry but the way you live your day to day life is a ministry.  People are watching you to see if they see God in you.  They are watching to see if you are sincere and truly changed or if you are just another person to jump on the Christian train and will jump back off in a month or two when things get tough.  These people do more damage than good, because there was nothing genuine in them.  There are people who die and go to Hell everyday because of fake people who aren’t genuine in their walk with God.  People are searching for something real, so if you are not going to walk the walk, please don’t talk the talk.

Let’s start being genuine Christians today.  Christians who are real and aren’t copying someone else but walking in their own journey with Jesus Christ.  We all make up the body of Christ but have different purposes.  God has given you a purpose don’t throw it away by copying someone else’s, be genuine and authentically you.  God didn’t manufacture duplicates but created each of us uniquely different, why?  Because each of our purposes and ministries is uniquely different but all for the glory of God.  The world tries to tell us to be copycats not the Bible.

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