Changes of Fall

I am sitting here this morning reading my Bible and the word “change” keeps coming up in my spirit. We are in the middle of change right now with our seasons going from Summer to Fall. The changes of Fall is what takes us from summer to winter. See, I have always loved Fall. Some see Fall as a season of death but I have always seen it as a season of change. I particularly love the colors associated with Fall all the reds, oranges, and yellows. These are my favorite colors so, I always look forward to decorating my home for Fall. People’s mindsets begin to change as well. As we begin to prepare for the Holidays we tend to spend more time with family or thinking about our family. You will see home decor change to things that say “Thankful”, “Blessed”, and “Grateful”. We tend to think of others more so acts of charity and giving to those less fortunate increases in the Fall. As I look out the window this morning in my office I see the changes of Fall around my home. The leaves are beginning to change in color and fall to the ground. The temperature has changed making it a cool morning here in Alabama.

I began to think about change in a spiritual sense. The word “change” in the dictionary has many meanings but the one that stood out to me this morning was to replace something with something else, especially something that is newer or better. Isn’t that what God is so often trying to do in our lives? He is trying to replace something in us with something better something new but we keep holding on that old something. I was reading in Isaiah 43:19 NKJV Behold, I will do a new thing, Now it shall spring forth; Shall you not know it? I will even make a road in the wilderness and rivers in the desert. That new thing God wants to do in us can be scary because it is unknown to us. We tend to like what is familiar and that is why we hang on to it. I have a huge pecan tree in my yard and this time of year it gives up its leaves and makes my yard a mess. That tree in the next season is not pretty but when Spring comes that tree that has looked dead for the past few months will spring forth new leaves and in just a short time it will be full of beautiful green leaves giving shade to us and home for the squirrels and birds.

Just like that tree when God starts to change us, he will often start by removing things from us. This process may not be pretty but in time the new growth will spring forth and that purpose you were created for will spring forth and you will provide what is needed. In Isaiah 43:10 says we are chosen an verse 13 says “Indeed before the day was, I am He; And there is no one who can deliver out of My hand; I work, and who will reverse it?”

God has made so many changes in my life in the past couple of years and I will be honest and tell you I held on to somethings he was trying to change way to long. He was bringing these changes to my mind this morning and so many that I didn’t understand then and wasn’t happy about prepared me for situations I knew nothing about then. God is still making changes in me and I pray for strength to not hold on to those things. I pray for strength to allow God to do what He wants to do in my life even when it makes me vulnerable. Even when the process is ugly and I can’t see what will come out of this change. I pray that I stand firm and know that He knows. Just like that pecan tree it may look dead and ugly on the outside when change comes but the inside of that tree is very much alive. The roots are still growing deeper and deeper in the soil. Those roots are preparing for changes and the new harvest of pecans that are coming in the next season. I want to be like that pecan tree. The process may not look pretty but on the inside God is preparing me for what’s to come. My spiritual roots are growing deeper and deeper preparing for the harvest that is coming.

Today if God is trying to make changes in your life, let Him. Let’s stop hanging on to things that prevent God from making the changes that He wants to make. We say all the time that we were created for a purpose and that is true but we have to allow God to shape us and mold us to be able to fulfill that purpose. So often we want our harvest right now but truth is we spiritually can’t handle the harvest God has for us because we are not mature enough. We don’t want to go through the ugly process that allows God to prepare us for the harvest. We as Christians have to get to a place where we are willing to vulnerable, willing to go through that ugly unknown process because we know something greater is on the other side. We have to stop fearing change and embrace it. I am speaking to myself on this as well. I love to look like I have it all figured out and remain in control of me and my surroundings and that is what God is showing me this morning is holding me back from the next level of change. It is my unwillingness to be vulnerable to tear down my walls, that I see as protection, but are actually hindering me.

Our personal walls of Jericho that we put up around our hearts and our minds keep God from making the changes He so desperately wants to make. The process of breaking down these walls are ugly but what God has on the other side I know will be beautiful. Let’s start today allowing God to make the changes needed in our lives.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and I hope you all have a great day in Jesus Christ!!


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