Treating Jesus Like Wal Mart

I typically pray when I am driving by myself, not because of my driving as my husband would argue, but just as my one on one time with God.  I had to run in Wal Mart for a few things and as I pulled in the parking lot and parked I began to watch people going in and out of the front doors that automatically open, when you get close to them.  As I watched this, it hit me that this is how some people treat their relationship with Jesus.  Like Wal Mart, Jesus is always there and the doors of the store are like his arms, if you get close he will open them up to you and close them behind you as in a hug.  See, you can dwell in his presence as long as you want because there is no closing time with God.   The problem is, we as Christians are so busy we won’t take time to dwell in his presence.  So, when we need something from God or we are in trouble or hurting  we run in and get just a little bit of what we need and run right back out.

See with God, just like Wal Mart the doors open both ways.  God is a gentleman and he is never going to force you to stay in his presence.  We are free to leave when we want.   As I watched people going in and out, I thought how wonderful and powerful Christians would be today if we dwelled in his presence.  Not just call on him when we need something from him but truly dwelled there.  I tell you there would be nothing we could not do as Christians, if we did this.  So today pray with me that we would stop treating Jesus like Wal Mart and just running in and out on him.  Let’s Pray that we stay in his presence.  Pray that we grow in him and become rooted in him and that we bear his fruit.   The bible says we are known by the fruit we bear and it is time for us to bear that fruit for Jesus.

However if you have walked away from Jesus,  today is the day to change that.  It doesn’t matter how long it has been, he still loves you and wants a relationship with you. Remember his arms are always open,  all you have to do is get close to him.  You can get close to him by just calling on his name and asking for him to forgive you.  Jesus loves us all and wants us to dwell in his presence.  He wants to spend time with each and everyone of us. So let’s stop treating Jesus like Wal Mart and start treating him as our true Savior and Lord of Lords.  It’s never to late to make that change.

Thank you all for reading and following this blog.   Please feel free to email me at  to say hello and share your comments or if you need me to pray for you. I would love to hear from each and everyone of you!

Hope you all have a Great Day in Jesus Christ!!


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