God Is Waiting

My husband and I love to spend time in the Mountains and spend a lot of time watching Nature in Cade’s Cove, a National Park, near Pigeon Forge Tennessee. We ride this 11-mile loop hoping and waiting to see Deer, Bears, and Coyotes in their natural habitat. Each time we hope to see them doing something extraordinary that we have not seen before. We watch the deer run and play through the fields and we have seen a couple of bucks fight from time to time. We watched the mama bears playing with their cubs and climbing trees to get away from all the people and cameras.   We have sat for hours just watching them waiting to see what they will do next. I am always amazed at the number of people who are there doing the same exact thing as us. You see everything from your vacationer with their cell phone or small camera taking pictures up to and including professional photographers with large lenses and tripods set up in the fields just waiting for their shot.


As I was sitting there I began to think about God and I was thanking him in amazement at the beauty he created as I looked around and saw we were surrounded by these huge beautiful mountains that look down on this cove. There are fields as far as you could see in places and other places are covered in trees and brush which provide protection for the animals. Some of the animals are running and playing in the fields and you can get close to them and get good pictures while others are just standing there doing nothing.


I was standing in this field watching a few deer play, because I was too tired to continue following them and too tired to walk back to the truck, and I began to think that God is sitting there watching us just like I was watching those deer. God is just waiting for his people to move and do something extraordinaire for him and his glory. He watches us day after day from above just waiting for us to make our move. I believe he searches for light and movement on the earth and when he sees it he leans in to get closer to us. I believe he enjoys the moment and smiles as he watches his people fulfill their purpose. I believe God gets frustrated with his people when he just sees us standing there doing nothing. I believe he watches them for a moment then passes on by, searching for the ones that are moving and getting things done in his name.


Let’s get on the move today for Jesus Christ and make sure when he looks down at us that he sees us moving and working for his glory. That he smiles down on us and leans in closer to us.


Thanks for reading this and I hope you have a great day in Jesus Christ!!


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