Come Home

As nice as it is to go on vacation there is nothing like coming home. I was up before daylight packing and preparing everything to be loaded in the car with anticipation of getting home. This got me to thinking about people who have walked away from God and that need to come home.  As I thought about this I realized they don’t need to pack or prepare to come home, all it takes is one prayer. I began to think about why people walk away from God in the first place.

Maybe you got hurt or mad with someone that caused you to walk away.  People will let you down in this life, sometimes because they are not perfect and make mistakes and others are wolves in sheep’s clothing as stated in the bible. Either way if this caused you to walk away from God then you had more of a relationship with them than you did with God. You were basing your faith on man not God. I think it is great to have mentors and people we go to when we have questions or problems in our life but never make the mistake of putting more faith in them than you in do Jesus Christ. If you do I guarantee you man will fail you every time intentional or unintentional. If this has happened to you then ask God to forgive you for putting your trust in man and not in him. Forgive the person who let you down or hurt you and pray for them. Ask God to strengthen them and to bless them.

Maybe you have suffered a great loss and you are mad and hurt with God. This is the one I believe that causes most people to walk away from God. This is also the hardest one for Pastors or Church Leaders to answer because they can’t answer the question why; but they know this is a pivotal moment in that person’s life and walk with Jesus Christ. They know that many turn away from God during this time and they can’t stop it no matter how hard they try. All they can do is continue to pray for that person and wait for their return. I believe death is the hardest test we will ever face but please don’t turn away from God. Cry out to him during this time and ask him to give you the strength to get through it. Ask him to not let Satan use this as a way of getting between you and God. Ask God to see you through the pain and bring some type of understanding and peace during this time.

Maybe you slowly drifted away from God one compromise or bad choice at a time. There was no one thing that caused you to walk away, you just got too comfortable and quit growing as a Christian. I believe a lot of times we think we have it all figured out and know everything there is to know about God. We are happy with our relationship with God, so we stop working at it. We begin to take it for granite. We are no longer spending time in his Word or in prayer. We have become stagnant in our walk with Jesus. Time doesn’t stand still and neither can we in this life. I believe if you are not moving in your faith then you are moving forward in the world and this is what causes you to drift away. I believe there are only two masters you can serve, God or Satan, and when you are not growing in God then you are serving Satan. I think by the time you realize how far away you are from God sometimes you are too embarrassed to come home. Please know today that God wants you to come home and it all starts with one prayer asking him to forgive you.

As you read this, you may realize you fit into one of these categories or maybe you aren’t sure which one you fit into. You see, the reason you walked away really doesn’t matter, only that you come home to Jesus today. You are never too far from him to come home. He is waiting for you today.

Thank you for reading and I hope you have a great day in Jesus Christ!!

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