I hear people use the word priority or priorities frequently when talking about their daily life or employment but what about with God. Where does God fit in your list of priorities? As Christians, we know that our relationship with him should be our top priority.. We have heard this saying “when we put God first everything else falls into to place,” but do we really apply this to our lives? I believe for most of us, the answer is no.

The word priority in the Webster’s dictionary means a thing that is regarded as more important than another. The right to take precedence or to proceed before another. With this definition, make a mental note of your top priorities at this very moment. As Christians, our top 3 would likely consist of our family, our employment, and God but in what order?

We make time for our jobs by showing up when we are scheduled to work and providing the service we were hired to do. We should do our jobs to the best of our ability as our employer hired us to do. This is how we make money and support our families financially and while it should be in our top 3 priority list, do we make it number one? Sometimes we can get so caught up on how much money we can make and what we can buy, that we make it our top priority. We start to put our identity in things instead of God. We start trying to keep up with others or out spend others and we make money our top priority. When we do this, we end up in so much debt that we now must work all the time just to make ends meet. Sometimes we end up losing everything declaring bankruptcy because we put our identity in things and not in God. Now, I am not saying it is a sin to have or want nice things but don’t put your identity in things. If you judge your success or the success of others by the car you drive or the house you live in, then you need to get your priorities in order.

We should make time each day for our children and our spouses to ensure they know their importance to us. We show them love by just being there for them.   I believe sometimes we get so caught up in our children and having them in all the activities that are available that we stay in the road running them from location to location. We don’t spend quality time with our children or our spouses when we do this. I am not saying we shouldn’t let our children participate in activities but if it is taking up all of your time every day then it’s too much. When did family time become all about activities and not just spending time together. What are we teaching our children about family if we are not spending time together as a family? I believe family time is important and I believe you owe this to your children and your spouse. I believe time with your spouse is just as important as time with your children. The family unit should be God, your marriage then your children. I see so many parents who put their children before God and their spouse and then are shocked when their marriage falls apart. Under God your marriage should be your top priority. You are setting the example for your children of what a family home should be. Your children will emulate the behavior they see from you as a husband or wife when they are grown. If they grow up in a home full of chaos and fighting they are more than likely going to live in that as an adult. I believe it is our job to show them what a healthy and loving marriage should be, and we can only do that by valuing, loving, and supporting our spouses.

If we truly put God first, then the other priorities will fall in the right order. When we put God first, we find time to pray and for God’s Word. It may be praying while we are at work or driving down the road or listening to the bible on audio. Once you start putting him first, you will be surprised how your stress levels decrease because your priorities are shifting, and God is now in control. You will begin to feel more peaceful and calm as God cuts through all the clutter in your life. You will begin to fulfill your purpose for him and serve him in all areas of your life. You will learn to say no to things that take time away from your top priorities. You will become more concerned with your spiritual growth than your financial growth.

Thanks for reading and I hope you have a great day in Jesus Christ!!

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