When We Pray

Do you have passion, humility, and power when you pray or are you just giving lip service?  Prayer brings you into God’s presence. If you are a Christian, I believe he turns toward you and leans down to listen to you. Do you think he really wants to hear that short memorized “go to” prayer you repeat each day in order to not feel guilty for not praying? I believe the answer is no.

I believe for some, prayer is just lip service and has become nothing more than a ritual they do each day. How often do we tell someone we are praying for them or that we will pray for them, with no intention of ever praying for that person or their situation? If the truth be told many who say this haven’t prayed in years for anything, it’s just become what you say when someone is in need or is hurting. I don’t believe God ever intended for prayer to be taken as lightly as it is in today’s society. Prayer is a privilege given only to Christians. It is our life line to God, so why do we treat it as an obligation rather than the honor that it is? I believe if we begin to pray the way God and his Word intended we would see prayers being answered all over the world.

I believe God is wanting us to humble ourselves in his almighty and powerful presence and just breathe him into our heart and into our spirit. I believe he wants us to freely open our hearts and souls to him and let our prayers flow from there. I believe he wants us to pray earnestly for our needs and the needs of others. I believe he wants us to open up to him and share our hopes and dreams, and present these to him with the humility of knowing we can’t do it on our own. I believe he wants us to ask him for guidance and protection in our day to day lives. I believe he wants us to ask him for forgiveness in all the ways we fail him. I believe he wants to feel our love and admiration for him during our prayers as we totally surrender to him. He wants us to give him our all in prayer.

I do believe God wants us to humble ourselves before him, but I do not believe he wants us to be weak in our prayers or in our day to day lives. I believe he wants us to use the power he gives us and be fearless for him. I believe he wants us to be confident in what his Word says and pray with power and boldness to him. I believe he wants us to stand firm in our faith but always remembering it is from him that we draw our strength.

Let’s get back to praying to God the way he intended and stop just going through the motion or prayer.


Thanks for reading and I hope you have a great day in Jesus Christ!!


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