Changing Lanes

As all drivers know on a four-lane road you have the slow lane and the fast lane. People who drive in the fast lane prefer the slow drivers stay out of their lane. I started thinking about this in a spiritual sense and realized as Christians we have a fast lane and slow lane as well.

Christians in the slow lane are moving in the right direction but there is no urgency or real fire there. They are content where they are in their walk with Jesus and they continue that slow and steady pace each day. They pray and read the Word but there is no excitement. They faithfully attend and serve in their church, but they have lost their hunger for the new things of God. They have forgotten that unquenchable thirst for the Holy Spirit to be poured out on them and others around them. They feel they have seen and know it all. If these Christians accidentally get in the fast lane they can become road blocks or stumbling blocks for Christians in the fast lane. They can take the excitement and enthusiasm out of anyone. However, sometimes that Christian in the fast lane instead of slowing up may nudge them either back into the slow lane or cause them to have to pick up speed.

Christians in the fast lane are on fire for God. They don’t know where God is taking them, but they are along for the ride. They pray with excitement and they study the Word with enthusiasm. You can spot this person a mile away because you see the joy and peace all over their face. They get up each day with anticipation of what will God do today. They eagerly wait for his presence and to feel and see the Holy Spirit poured out on God’s people. They rejoice in other people’s victories. They know they have only touched the surface of what God can do and they want more. They want to serve in their church, in their communities, or anywhere that God leads them. They are not ashamed to say they are a Christian and to tell others about Jesus. They have big dreams and goals in their faith and they know that God can and will take them there.

I wish I could say that Christians stay in the fast lane, but I believe the truth is that we change lanes often in our walk with the Lord. We get on fire and we get in that fast lane but over time we move over into the slow lane and we become content where we are. I can’t help but think what we as Christians could do in this world if we stayed in the fast lane.

Thank you for reading and hope you have a great day in Jesus Christ!!

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