Forgiving Ourselves

I find for a lot of Christians it is much easier to forgive others than to forgive themselves. Sometimes we are our worst critics. We tend to berate and belittle ourselves over past sins even after God has forgiven us. We allow our past sins to hold us back from fulfilling God’s purpose.

The bible says when our sins are forgiven they are remembered no more. As Christians we sometimes wear our past sins around our neck like an anchor or weight and wonder why we are drowning. We wonder why God is not using us or why we are not growing in our relationship with God and the reason is we have left no room for God. We hoard all this guilt and shame and God can’t move in that. God wants to take us to new places in our faith, but we have to leave the past behind. We can use our past as a testimony of what God can do and where he can bring us from, but not as part of our future. We must learn to forgive ourselves.

As Christians we are not perfect and we are going to make mistakes throughout our journey with Christ, but once the Holy Spirit convicts us and we repent then let it go. Don’t let Satan tie every mistake or every sin around your neck to weigh you down. You have the power and the strength to free yourself from all the baggage you are lugging around. Tell Satan today you are done with the guilt and the shame and lay it all down. Ask God to fill all the places in your heart, where you once stored all the guilt and shame, with him and you will see things start to change.

Let’s make a vow today to leave the past in the past and let’s move forward in Jesus Christ today.

Thank you for reading and have a great day in Jesus Christ!!

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