Sacred Ground

I was Reading in Mark chapter 4 this morning where Jesus is explaining his parable saying the seed is the Word and how when sown on different types of ground you get different results. The ground represents people’s heart and their faith in God. I believe we still see this ring true in our world today.

The people that are by the wayside as he describes in verse 15 are the people who don’t stick with anything. They will get all involved in something but within a few weeks or months they are on to the next adventure. They never give themselves 100 percent to anything they always stay along the edges of everything and when the fun is over they are gone. These people never truly receive the Word deep in their hearts so there is no depth or growth in them spiritually. We see these people quickly walk away from God when they need him most. These are the people that if they are in a group of Christians will talk about God and how much they love him but if they are with the worldly crowd, they blend right in with no mention of God. They use God to their advantage from a worldly perspective to get ahead or to be accepted. They do not have a true relationship with God or know Jesus Christ as their personal savior but only talk the talk.

The people that are stony ground are the people who love God as long as everything is going good but the minute something bad happens they run from God. They tend to get mad with God when things don’t go their way and walk away. There is no true substance in their relationship, they are only in it for what God can do for them and when God doesn’t do what they want him to, they walk away and don’t look back. They are not vested in God and they are not interested in what they can do for God only what he can do for them. Their faith and love for God is very shallow and they have the me, myself and I complex.

The people that are thorny ground are the people who truly can’t let go of the world. They say they want to serve God, but they let the things of the world pull them away. They are more invested on what type car or home they have than where they are in Jesus Christ. Their bank account and their reputation or popularity with the world is very important to them. They want to live for Jesus, but they don’t necessarily want everyone to know. They don’t want people to think they are a fanatic or obsessed with Jesus. They still want to be liked by everybody, so they tend to not talk about Jesus to everyone only to the a select few in order to not offend anyone.

The people that are good ground are the people who hear the word, accept it, and bear fruit Jesus says in verse 20. These are the people you see a real change in their lives when they accept Jesus Christ as their personal savior. You don’t just see the change when they are at church but in their day to day life. These people spend time in the Word thirsting for knowledge and wisdom from God. They are the people others go to when they are in trouble and need prayer. These people talk about Jesus and what he has done for them to everyone. They want to serve God in their church, their community, and all over the world. During hard times they keep their eyes on God and they know he will pull them through. They may not understand everything that happens in their life, but they understand God’s love and that his Word says he will never leave us or forsake us.

Which type of ground are you?


Thanks for reading and I hope you have a great day in Jesus Christ!!

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