Spiritual Hands

We all understand the importance of our physical hands. We use them to dress ourselves, feed ourselves, and even to protect ourselves. We earn a living and show affection to our family with our physical hands. I began to think do we have spiritual hands and if so, are they as important as our physical hands? I believe the answer is yes.
Think for a moment of everything you do with your hands each day. Now imagine that you were doing each of those things for God and his purpose. You fed yourself for the strength to carry out His task for you today. You dressed yourself to not only be warm but ready to move when He told you to go. You protected yourself from Satan and the flesh by holding the Word of God and shaking it in Satan’s face. You went to work to not only provide for your family but to help others in need and pay your tithes. It came to me that the physical and spiritual hand are all in one. What makes the difference is how you use them.
Our spiritual hands lifted toward heaven show our total submission or surrender to God. Just as a child lifts their hands to be carried by their parent we lift our hands to be carried by Jesus in our time of need. Our spiritual hands also show joy and happiness with the clapping of hands or waving of the hands. We rejoice in the victories of Jesus Christ with our spiritual hands. We fold them quietly in honor of our Lord and Savior.
Our spiritual hands show love and compassion to others with a handshake or a pat on the back. Our spiritual hands work for the glory of God in our church, community, and all over the world. Our spiritual hands build things up for the kingdom of God, they don’t tear down or destroy what someone else has built. They join with others to build the kingdom as they know all Christians make up the body of Christ. Spiritual hands work solely for God and there is no me, myself, or I involved. They are not worried about a denomination, church name, or even what someone else is doing. Their only focus is on what they can do for God today. Spiritual hands do not create borders or boundaries to limit themselves but know that God is God to all and there are no limits are boundaries when it comes to God.
I believe as Christians we all have spiritual hands, but we limit what they can do out of fear, jealousy, and even hate. Today, let’s pray for God to give us the strength to use our spiritual hands to build his kingdom. Let’s ask God to remove any fear, jealousy, hate or any other feeling that is holding us back. Our purpose is to serve Him and to do that we may not need physical hands but we do need spiritual hands.
Thank you for reading and I hope you have a great day in Jesus Christ!!
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