Making Plans With God

There are so many occasions that we make plans for in advance. For our children or grandchildren’s birthdays we begin to make plans weeks or months in advance. We try to make sure we have the perfect gift and the perfect party. We do everything humanly possible to make that day perfect for them. Maybe it’s not a birthday party you are planning but a wedding, baby shower, or vacation. Whatever you are planning you put time and thought into. You get excited and maybe even a little nervous with anticipation of the big day. What if we made plans with God in the same way? Would our lives be different? Would we find more Joy and Peace? Would our friends, family, and co-workers see us differently? Would our community, country, or the world benefit from this? Would Satan and our enemies fear us because of the God that is within us?

What if we planned a day in advance that we were going to spend in prayer? We updated our prayer journals and notated new prayer request. We wrote down things we just wanted to talk to God about. We selected the perfect place for this prayer and prepared it to be cozy and quiet, so we could hear God when he spoke to us. Maybe we prepared food in advance, so we would have our favorite snacks or maybe you plan to fast for the day. Leading up to this day you spend time in the Word preparing yourself for this day of prayer. You become excited and maybe nervous with anticipation at the breakthroughs you know are coming on this day.

What if we started planning for church on Monday instead of waiting until Saturday night to decide if we were even going to go? You started praying for your pastor and worship team on Monday to be blessed and filled with the Holy Spirit all week. You prayed for God to speak to them and lead them on Sunday to invite Him into our place of worship. What if you prayed for yourself and church family all week to be ready to receive the Holy Ghost on Sunday and dwell in his presence for a while? What if we prayed for sinners to be saved every day of the week and not just in our church but in churches around the world? I believe if we did this we would become so excited about going to church that we would be inviting everyone we knew and didn’t know to church. We would want everyone to just come and see what God is going to do today.  We would be filled with anticipation for every service.

What if we planned outreaches in our community or bible studies with friends and family? What if we had brainstorming parties on how to get the Word out into our communities? What if we worked with other churches in our community to build God’s kingdom not just our church or denomination? The Word says in Luke to go out into the highways and hedges and compel them to come in, that my house may be filled. God’s house is made up of many church buildings and congregations not just yours.

I believe our lives would be different because we would be so focused on God and fulfilling his purpose. We would be busy working to glorify God that we wouldn’t have time to gossip about others. We would be praying for others and their situations instead of telling others about their problems. We would be so spiritually filled that when we prayed for someone we would actually believe God would answer that prayer and not just hope that he would. Our faith would be so strong that we wouldn’t worry about our finances, our jobs, or our families because we would know God has us in the palm of his hand and he will take care of us. I believe we would have His joy and peace abundantly in our lives. I believe our friends, family, and co-workers would see a change in us not only spiritually but physically. I believe we would smile more and have a glow about us because we were truly trusting God. I believe we would stand taller and be more confident in our decisions because we would know they were God driven. I believe we would be so filled with love and compassion for those in need in our communities that we would do whatever we could to help.

Unfortunately, Satan is always going to look for cracks that he can slither in through but when you are full of the Holy Spirit you will bind him in the name of Jesus and send him back to Hell where he belongs. Satan has already been defeated by our God and is still no match for our God today. Satan can only get to us if we allow it. We must recognize his attacks and declare it null and void in the name of Jesus immediately.

Let’s start making plans to spend time with God today. Let’s get excited again about who our God is and what he is capable of.

Thank you for reading and I hope you have a great day in Jesus Christ!!
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