When We Fail God

As Christians we all make mistakes or bad choices from time to time. The minute we sin the Holy Spirit convicts us immediately. We begin to feel guilt and sadness from this because we know we failed God. We ask God to forgive us and because of His grace and mercy, He does. I believe it is how we handle these failures that make or break our walk with God. Typically, we fall into 3 categories when it comes to sin in our Christian life.

  1. We Wallow
  2. We Quit
  3. We Persevere

Christians that wallow tend to try and justify their sin. They say, “It’s not really that bad, so and so does worse things than me.” They will also say things like “the bible doesn’t specifically say I can’t do this.” They are very defensive about this sin because they are not ready to give it up. They don’t want to pray or fast for deliverance from this sin, so they become stuck in their walk with Jesus. They want to lay there and wallow in it.

Christians who quit are looking for the easy way out. They don’t really commit to anything and typically dip out on things when it gets too hard. They tend to think being a Christian means everything in their life will be easy. They will come to a dead stop in their walk with Jesus just to keep from dealing with their sins. They focus on the parts of the Bible that they like and avoid the rest.

Christians who persevere are the ones who put God above everyone including themselves. Their walk with Jesus is so important to them that when they fail Him, they actually mourn over the sin that remains in them. They pray and fast for deliverance no matter how big or small it is, as they know sin is sin in the eyes of God. They have true remorse and repent wholeheartedly to God. They want to continue to move forward in their walk with God and they are not willing to let anything stop them. They don’t dwell on their sin, once God has forgiven them they move on. They pray for strength and meditate on his Word so when the next test comes along, they can pass it. They want to glorify God not bring him shame or disappointment.

If we are honest with ourselves, I think we are made up of all three from time to time. There may be things, habits, or thoughts that we wallow in because we are not ready to give them up. We feel that nudge from the Holy Spirit, but we ignore it because we enjoy it. We may have convinced ourselves for the moment that it is not wrong, and we are in denial. The problem is this sin you are wallowing in is keeping you from moving forward in God. Sometimes it is hard to be a Christian and maybe you want to take the easy way out, but you will only regret it. Sometimes we have to look at the ugliness inside of us and deal with it. It is not fun or enjoyable, but it is the only way to get rid of it. Nowhere in the Bible does it say our journey would be easy, it just says He would be with us and take care of us. To persevere in our walk with God should be our goal. This takes discipline, commitment, and dedication on a daily basis to achieve. I believe we go through cycles of perseverance and then we hit a road block that causes us to wallow or quit for a moment.

Imagine where we would be in Christ today if we just persevered and didn’t let things hold us up. I pray today for more perseverance in my walk with God. I pray for the strength to move forward and not to wallow or quit in any area of my life.

Thanks for reading and I hope you have a great day in Jesus Christ!!
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