A Prayer Centered Life

The phrase a prayer centered life kept coming up in my spirit this morning. I wasn’t sure what God was going to show me with this but knew this was going to be something for me. As I have mentioned in previous post, this year I am praying and asking God to reveal areas in my life that are keeping me from moving forward or moving to the next level in my relationship with God. I immediately became defensive thinking God I pray every day and multiple times a day, so how can I not have a prayer centered life. As I sat there quietly and meditated on this phrase, I began to see a picture of what this looks like. Once again God was right, and my life was not as prayer centered as I had thought.

Christians that have a prayer centered life are the Christians when we are sick or in need that we want to pray for us. You can feel the power in their prayer and their closeness to God shines through when they pray. They may appear quite and reserved but something happens when they pray. In times of crisis these Christians appear very calm and are not easily shaken. Their life is not perfect, and they go through the same trials that we all do, but they don’t appear to be anxious or worried in the least. They are happy and joyous people and there is a peacefulness that flows from them. Just being in their presence can ease your tensions without them ever saying a word. Their faith is strong because of their personal relationship with God. They know that all things work together for their good. They may not understand why things work out the way they do sometimes, but they know God is in control and that his thoughts are higher than ours. There is a peace about them because they don’t try to manipulate or change things they have given to God. They give it to God and forget it.

This person doesn’t just pray when they have a spare moment, but they have dedicated prayer time each day. Prayer and their time with God is a top priority every day to them. They look forward to their one on one time with God and are excited about what he might reveal to them each day. They meditate on his Word and open their minds to allow him full access. They talk to God like he is a true friend and they share all aspects of their life with him. They wait and allow God time to speak to them. They realize it is not a one-sided conversation and they listen for God to speak. It hit me in that moment this is the area that I am failing in. I don’t spend time listening and waiting for God to answer. I get in such a hurry that I am missing his responses to my prayers. I make it a one-sided conversation the majority of the time.

I am going to start today giving God time to answer me. I am going to share my prayer time with God and not make it a one-sided conversation.

Thank you for reading and have a great day in Jesus Christ!!
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