Be an Inspiration

I had written something totally different for this morning when God gave me this and I had to post it.

As Christians sometimes we can be so quick to criticize or speak negatively about someone.  We want to point out their flaws or sins to make ourselves feel more spiritual.  Where is the love and compassion for people in that?  God is love and his Word says  he who does not love does not know God.

We should be an inspiration to people by showing them the love and compassion that Jesus Christ has showed each of us.  We should inspire people not just with our words but with our actions.  They should see Jesus in us without us having to say a word.  One of my greatest inspirations when I was first saved was someone I had never spoken to in my church, but watched every Sunday.  It was a young man that attended every service and sat on the front row of the church.  It was his dedication and commitment that got my attention. He wasn’t ashamed to sit on the front row or to praise God during praise and worship.  He inspired me because I felt so unsure of everything when I first got saved.  I was dealing with guilt of past sins because even though Jesus had forgiven me, I had not forgiven myself.  God was convicting me of things that I didn’t even realize at that time were sins, so I was struggling.  I didn’t need anyone telling me what I was doing wrong or criticizing me at that point I needed to see confident Christians.  Christians who knew who they were in Jesus and weren’t ashamed to show it.  I needed to see in them where I wanted to be in Jesus.  This young man showed this without saying a word.  His actions spoke louder than anything he could have ever said.

People need to see each and everyone of us walking in Jesus.  They need to see our dedication and commitment to Jesus in our actions and not just our words.  We need to stop talking the talk and start walking the walk.  We need to come together as Christians and support each other and pray for each other.  It shouldn’t matter what church we go to or what denomination we are, because we all serve one God.  We should all be trying to witness to the lost, help those in need, and pray for our fellow Christians.

People are watching you to see if you are truly different when you don’t even know it.  They are watching you at work, church, and anywhere else you go.  Be an inspiration to them, make them want to know the Jesus you serve.  Be the light in their darkness.  You don’t know what someone is going through or what your actions could be doing for them.

Thank you for reading and have a great day in Jesus Christ!

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