Spiritual Backsliding

I was reading in 1 Timothy chapter 4: 1-2 this morning which reads, Now the Spirit expressly says that in latter times some will depart from the faith, giving heed to deceiving spirits and doctrines of demons, speaking lies in hypocrisy, having their own conscience seared with a hot iron. I began to think how do we depart from the faith?  Is this a conscious choice or does this happen little by little?  I started praying and asking for insight on this because I know people who were once on fire for God and are now so cold in their spirit.  They flee at the mention of God’s name in a conversation.

While for some the decision to walk away from God was a conscious choice, but for the majority I believe it subtle changes in their day to day life that cause this.  I have often read that if Satan can’t make you sin, he will make you busy.  I believe this is where it starts for most people.  They become so busy with work, children, taking care of their homes, and other social obligations that they begin to spend less time in the Word.  Spending less time in the Word begins to affect their prayer life.  They aren’t praying for guidance or a deeper understanding of God’s Word anymore.  They are no longer growing spiritually. The excitement they once had to serve Jesus in their church, community, or around the world is gone.  Their prayers have become quick memorized prayers they recite to keep from feeling guilty for not praying.  They begin to miss church services.  One or two become three or four missed services and before they know it weeks have now become months.  Before long not attending church is the new norm.

Now that they are not in the Word, prayer, or attending church they begin to justify sin.  They let the deceiving spirits and doctrines convince them that certain sins are not sins anymore.  They begin to slowly partake of things of the flesh until there is no longer any resemblance of Christ in their life.  Some will say they are a Christian but there is no evidence or fruit of that in their lives and others will deny ever knowing him,  They can still quote a few scriptures but usually on the good ones about how much Jesus loves us.  They tend to forget the ones that would convict them of their actions.  The good news is no matter how far they have walked away from Jesus, all they have to do is cry out to him.  The minute they cry out to him, he is there with open arms, ready to forgive them.

As Christians we have to make a conscious choice everyday to follow and serve Jesus.  We have to make spending time in God’s Word and in prayer a top priority in our life. Let’s stop being hot or cold Christians depending on what day of the week it is.  Can you imagine where you would be today in your walk with Jesus if you remained as on fire for Jesus today as you were the day you were saved?

We need to pray daily for strength and perseverance to continue our walk with Jesus.  We  need to pray for our brothers and sisters in Christ and encourage them on their walk with Jesus.  Let’s stop putting each other down for mistakes made and start lifting each other up in prayer.  We should support each other with love and compassion.  We should build each other up with encouragement to follow Jesus. The world needs more Christians not more backsliders.  So today lift up your brothers and sisters in Christ and pray earnestly for them to remain steadfast and strong.

Thanks for reading and I hope you have a great day in Jesus Christ!!

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