Don’t Give Up

I want to give you a  word of encouragement this morning.  God has not forgotten or abandoned you and he will not be defeated.  Whatever you are struggling with this morning, just know he is there.  If you are following him and your project or ministry is not going good, don’t give up.  This struggle is part of your journey.  I have had my own pity parties with God this week in prayer, asking why does everything have to be so difficult? This morning, while loading the dishwasher, a peace came over me that I cannot explain and it came up in my spirit, this is part of my journey.

I was reading in Acts chapter 5, where the council was trying to figure out what to do with the Apostles and Gamaliel said to let them be. He said because if they are of man they will eventually fail and go away but in verse 39, he says if it is of God, you cannot overthrow it, lest you even be found to fight against God. What you are going through right now may be part of your training from God or maybe it is Satan himself coming after you either way take shelter in this verse this morning. If it is of God, you cannot overthrow it and Satan cannot overthrow it!

I begin to think about the men and women in our military and how when they are training for a mission or during basic training it’s not easy on them.  They don’t enjoy this training but they know it is part of their journey.  They understand that without this training their lives and the lives of others could be in jeopardy.  The same is true in our journey with God.  We are being conditioned and trained as members of God’s army. Not only do our lives depend on our training but the lives of others.  What you are going through right now is to strengthen you and create endurance in you so that when someone else is at their breaking point, you will be strong.  You will be able to encourage them to continue in their walk with Jesus and to not give up.  Your strength from your training will come through in that moment.

God wants a mighty and powerful army of Christians that are not only willing but able to endure the task ahead. God is conditioning and training you for your purpose on this earth. Trust Him, follow Him but most of all don’t give up on Him.  He will not give up on you.

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