Hobo’s for Jesus

I was thinking this morning about friends, family, and acquaintances that say they are Christians, but there is no evidence of Jesus in their lives.  Some may attend church occasionally, but even that is a chore to them. The only time you hear them mention God is when they are in trouble or things are falling apart in their lives.  They jump on the Jesus train when they are in trouble but once things settle down in their lives they jump off the train again.  They have become Hobo’s for Jesus because they have jumped on and off the Jesus train so many times you don’t know where they are at any given time.

I spend a lot of time in prayer for these people because I believe they are going to die and go to Hell.  I believe they have been convinced by the world that they are saved and when they die they are going to be shocked that they end up in Hell.  People believe because they recited a prayer or felt a few chill bumps that they were saved, and this is a lie from Satan.  If you have been truly saved there WILL BE change in your life.  You can’t continue to live the way you always have if you have been saved.  The Holy Spirit and Satan’s demons cannot reside in the same place.  When the Holy Spirit comes into your heart there is a visible change in your life.  I am not saying that you are perfect because no one on earth is but there is a change.  Your thought process changes immediately.  Things that were important are no longer at the top of your list.  Your desire to serve God and to tell other about Jesus Christ becomes overwhelming in you.  You want to talk about and hear about Jesus, because you have a desire to learn more about Him. You look for ways to serve Him and to glorify Him.  God takes over that number one spot in your life and your priorities change.

Others have turned away from God, better known as backsliders, when things got hard.  Some think when they get saved that everything is going to be easy in their life and that bad things won’t happen in their life.  God tells us over and over in His Word do not fear.  If your life was going to be a piece of cake then He wouldn’t have to tell us this.  His Word says if we follow Him we will be persecuted.  Satan and his demon army will come against you.  This is where your faith and trust in God comes in, and you know that when it becomes more than you can handle, that God will step in and all you have to do in that moment is be still.

I believe that preachers and teachers of the Word are partly to blame for both of these scenarios.  We have become so worried about offending people or filling church pews that we only want to preach or teach the good stuff.  We don’t want to preach or teach about the sacrifices we will have to make to follow Jesus. We don’t want to preach or teach about the Wrath of God on sin and how much God hates sin.  We only want to preach or teach about the love of God because that makes everyone feel all warm and cozy.  Yes, the love of God is real and it is warm and cozy but the Wrath of God is also real.  The Bible says God is a just God and shows no partiality.  He is not going to turn a blind eye to sin in order to not offend you.  Sin in your life that you do not repent for, will send you to Hell.

I pray today that we stop sugarcoated the Word and start preaching and teaching ALL of the Word of God.  We are assisting in sending people to Hell by not doing this.  If we knew Jesus Christ in the physical was sitting in our church services or reading our material would we preach or write it the same way that we do now? I pray for the strength and courage to do this today,  because I had rather offend people with the truth than to send them to Hell with a lie.

Thank you for reading and please share!


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