Fog of Doubt

Sometimes we, as Christians, become so focused on what God is not doing in our lives that we miss all the things he is doing for us.  We have all heard and probably said God works on his time not ours, but this can be hard to accept when it is your problem or project.  While we believe and know this is true we start letting doubt slip into our minds and in our thoughts.  We let this doubt start to seep in to all areas of our lives and we lose clarity on what we need to do.  This doubt sets in like fog around us and we can’t see where we are going or even the path we were on.  We have two options when this happens to us, stay in the fog or get out.

When we stay in the fog of doubt we can’t see anything else that God is doing for us.  God maybe performing miracles in other areas of our life that we can’t even see, because we have singled out this one thing God is not doing on our time.  Our prayers become just questions of why and not sincere admiration, thanksgiving, and praise that He deserves.  We have now let the fog of doubt not only take over our minds but our prayers.  The fog of doubt will take over our time in the Word. We begin to search out our own message, to make ourselves feel better, instead of receiving the message God has for us as your read his Word.  This fog of doubt will now steal our joy and we will become disheartened and discouraged.  This fog of doubt can overtake us if we are not careful. Depression, insecurities, anxiety, and fear feed on the fog of doubt.

The good news is we can get out.   We don’t have to stay in the fog of doubt.  All we have to do is call on the name of Jesus and that fog of doubt disappears.  We regain our focus and continue to move forward in our purpose.  We are reminded that God told us to trust in Him.  Our faith grows stronger as we know God is going to provide the way.  Our confidence is restored and our determination increases.  We may have been knocked down but God said it is not over.

I pray today that we all come out from the fog of doubt.  If you feel God is not moving on a certain issue or project don’t give up.  Don’t let the fog of doubt move in and cause you to give up.  During this time, God may be conditioning and preparing you for the victory that is coming.  If you are following His directions and staying the course, you will be triumphant.  His Word tells us to follow him and to seek him diligently. God didn’t put us here to fail but to glorify Him in all that we do.

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