Why Do We Compartmentalize God In Our Lives

As Christians why do we compartmentalize God in our lives then expect him to take care of every aspect of lives when we are in trouble?  We set limits or shut God out of certain areas of our lives.  Proverbs says to trust the Lord with ALL of our hearts and lean not on your own understanding.  God doesn’t want to just be a part of our church life or have weekend visitations with us.  He wants to be a part of our day to day life.  That includes  our relationships, our job, our finances, our bodies, and our family.  If we truly trust God then we need to  give him access to our entire life.  Imagine what he could accomplish in all of these areas, if we allowed him in.  We try to handle things on our own and that was never his plan.

Starting today, let’s open all the areas of our lives to God.  We serve an Awesome God and there is nothing he can’t handle.  If you are struggling in certain areas of your life today pray for God to help you in those areas.  Pray for his strength and wisdom to guide you in your day to day life.  I promise you, if you do this, not only will God show up but he will show out!


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